Mathilde Blind ca. 1870

This website supplements the works of late-Victorian woman of letters Mathilde Blind available on the Victorian Women Writers Project & The Poetical Works of Mathilde Blind. The Victorian Women Writers Project has all seven volumes of verse Blind published in her lifetime, as well as her only novel, Tarantella, her biography of George Eliot, and her lecture “Shelley’s View of Nature Contrasted with Darwin’s.” Two of Blind’s poems (originally published in the Dark Blue), the sonnet “Winter” and “Nocturne,” do not appear in any of Blind’s collections, nor do they appear in the posthumous Poetical Works of Mathilde Blind (1900), edited by her friend and literary executor Arthur Symons. They are republished here for the first time since 1872. For a complete list of Blind’s major publications, see the Chronology of her life and works. For more on Blind, see my  Mathilde Blind: Late-Victorian Culture and the Woman of Letters (2016).

Photo above: Mathilde Blind, ca. 1870 (from A Selection from the Poems of Mathilde Blind, 1897, ed. Arthur Symons; original photograph lost)